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Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association was established in 1993 to relieve sickness and promote the preservation of good health in The Gambia.


We do this through the provision of health centre facilities and the establishment of primary health programmes.

For twenty years the Association has achieved these aims by encouraging direct cooperation between communities and organisations in the United Kingdom and The Gambia in Tesito, or self-help projects.


Old Jeshwang is a sprawling urban village of about 25,000 people in The Gambia, West Africa. It is situated 15 miles from the capital, Banjul. The Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association supports the ongoing running of the Health Centre in Old Jeshwang, with the long term aim to ensure self sufficency, through Tesito, or self-help, projects.

The Health Centre originally catered for child and maternity health care, but has since expanded to now also include pathology, immunisation, disease surveillance, doctor and blood transfusion services. Since opening we have treated 5,000 women and 30,000 children.

Unable to support it financially the Gambian Health Authority accepts our facility as an integral part of its health care infrastructure. Women in the past have travelled to our facility to take advantage of the "clean facilities" and "friendly staff".

The demands on our Health Centre continue to grow and we are fortunate for the constancy of support from our Sponsors. They enable us to meet these new challenges, whilst still maintaining high standards in our primary health care services. Our 48 staff and the families they care for are mindful of their commitment.

35 per month

the average number of deliveries

1,200 per month

the average number of outpatients

15,000 in 2015

tests carried out in Pathology



Old Jeshwang

Stephen Doerr


Emmanuel Stafford


Peggy Guggenheim


Aji Worage Nyang


Kay Burgess

Midwifery Advisor

Alhagie Abdoulie Sowe

Head of Healthcare


volunteers and Sponsors help keep the Association going


full time, paid staff keep the Health Centre running in Old Jeshwang




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