Regular power cuts are part of routine life in the Gambia and have no respect for a mum at the point of delivery! A reliable generator is essential therefore to provide a safe, 24hr/7day service.


Our current 30 year old generator is now ‘terminally’ ill and we have made provision for its replacement - with a new Stamford Perkins 17kva unit - at a cost of £9k. 


The Need: Although this funding is now in place we need to find an extra £20 per month (just 4 more sponsors at £5 per month!) for its regular servicing - the provision for this going cost is just as important as the capital expenditure.

£5 per month



£3,000 raised for accommodation for the National Blood Transfusion Service, in support of The Gambian Health Authority initiative.


£5,000 raised for the provision of dental surgery, as part of BIS plan.


£8,000 raised for new on-site resident caretaker’s accommodation, providing essential maintenance and night-time medical staff security.


£5,000 raised for a replacement ambulance private sponsor, providing essential emergency transport.


£3,000 raised for a new Pathology Laboratory, providing an expansion of our services as part of BIS plan to give financial independence.


£5,000 raised for a perimeter wall, providing site security.


£100,000 raised for the building of the Health Centre (via a UK Lottery grant), providing basic health care for the 30,000 Gambians in the suburban village of Old Jeshwang.

Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association is a registered charity in England and Wales (1024627) and The Gambia (169/1993).

Registered office: Avins Bridge Cottage, College Road, Ardingly, West Sussex, RH17 6SH


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