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Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association was set up in 1993 by Dr. John Dale and Margaret Dale in repsonse to a direct request from the Old Jeswang Village Development Committee. The Committee was worried about the state of healthcare for women in Old Jeshwang and took the decision to initiate the commissioning of its own health centre.


Both former health care professionals, John and Margaret visited Old Jeshwang to consider the viability of the project. The Association was subsequently formed and registered as a charity in England and Wales, and The Gambia. Soon after we began to raise funds, offer direct help with the design and construction of the buildings and advise on the development of services.

The first buildings were built by young people from the surrounding villages as part of a Tesito, or self-help project. These buildings now form the maintenance block, but were opened in 1998 as a temporary site for antenantal clinics and child health clinics.

We completed a purpose built health centre in 2002 with assistance from the UK Community Project Fund. We are now in a position to expand our health care services to the surrounding community.